Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. -Elizabeth Andrew

Keep East Point Beautiful Annual Programs


Great American Clean Up

Our Largest Annual Event! We provide items received from National, State and Local sponsors of the Great American Clean Up and donate them to Neighborhood Associations, Civic Organizations, Schools, Churches,  and Businesses to assist them with their own Clean Ups in the months ofMarch, April and May;


Away From Home Recycling

We Provide Away From Home Recycling containers and information at City of East Point sponsored events. Away From Home containers are also available in City buildings (Jefferson Station, Customer Care and City Hall) year round.


Youth Advisory Council

Selected youth will assist in hosting a Litter Free School location(s) as required by Keep America Beautiful.  Other activities are planned for schools throughout the year. 


Paper Shredding

Host and implement a least one Paper Shredding and Electronic Recycling collection during the fiscal year.


Rivers Alive

We host one Rivers Alive event per year normally in conjunction with the Georgia’s annual  Rivers Alive Program in October. The program provides the education element for the Water Resources Phase I MPD NPDES report.



By working in close conjunction with City of East Point Water and Sewer, we develop an education program for public and private schools within the City of East Point. Additionally, streams will are monitored for both chemical and bacteriological stream testing.


America Recycles Day

Our favorite event! We host an Annual America Recycles Dayin the month of November with our regional, state, and national partners.


Bring One For The Chipper

Our annul Christmas Tree Recycling program. “Bring One For The Chipper”  is held in the State of Georgia in coordination with  the Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation. This program takes place in January.


Brainstorming A Children’s Water Festival

This program is a litter prevention program and water resources activity to educate and discourage littering in storm water drains, sanitary drains, creeks and streams. The program is geared toward and offered to all 4th grade students in the Fulton County, East Point School System, based on Science standards for CRCT testing readiness.  


Rose Garden Maintenance

We plant and replace roses when needed and work with various groups to maintain the garden. Volunteers will be used to perform maintenance activities. Replacement roses and other planting are completed according to funding.


Tea In The Rose Garden

An annual event celebrating green spaces. It also serves as opportunity each Spring to educate citizens on the value of green spaces, gardening, and the value of green spaces to the City of East Point community.


Litter Index

We conduct an Annual Litter Index for the City, typically in month of May. The Litter Index is a required element of the Keep America Beautiful program. It is a nationally credible tool that allows quick and reliable visual assessment of the types of litter present in the community. The data aids in determining the types of community improvement programs needed to address current conditions, and achieve long-term sustainable results. Random areas of the City are selected: residential, industrial, shopping districts, schools, downtown district and commercial districts.